1. Halkidiki - Macedonia - Greece

  2. greek-museums:

    (Thessaloniki) Museum of the Roman Forum:

    Photographs* printed on banners and signs depicting the frescoes from the tomb of Agios Athanasios. They depict two Macedonian guards from the entrance of the grave, and a scene from the frieze depicting a symposium. The tomb is not available to the general public yet.

    From the exhibition "…young and in excellent health" Aspects of youths’ life in ancient Macedonia.


    *The top image is from a study for the construction of facilities around the tomb. Macedonian paintings in tombs and graves are some of the few examples of ancient greek painting that have survived relatively intact. You can see some of the paintings from this tomb in greater detail on this blog.

    I actually asked if there was a publication with photographs from the tomb, but they told me there wasn’t. These pictures though seem to have been photographed from a publication. I also put up a separate post with the scanned pictures at hellenic-art.

    Disclaimer: None of these photographs are mine, they are from the archives of the Ephorate.

  3. greek-museums:

    Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki:

    A selection of mosaics found throughout Thessaloniki, displayed in a reconstruction of a Roman residence situated at the garden of the museum. (4th century AD)

    Mosaics appear in greek space during prehistoric times and up until the Hellenistic period they are constructed with colourful pebbles. During the Roman period we have the appearance of “tesserae”, the cube tiles made of a variety of materials. Motifs range from floral and geometrical designs to elaborate scenes taken from mythology.

    All I can think is that these designs would make some truly great carpets.

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    Pieria - Macedonia - Greece

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  9. Halkidiki - Macedonia - Greece

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