1. Aegean Style, Greece

  2. Volos / Pelion Mount - Thessaly - Greece

  3. Corinthian gulf - Peloponese - Greece

  4. bbcnewsus:

    Around the World with the BBC: Who is buried in this recently unearthed Greek tomb? 

    In early August, a team of Greek archaeologists led by Katerina Peristeri unearthed what officials say is the largest burial site ever to be discovered in the country. The mound is in ancient Amphipolis, a major city of the Macedonian kingdom, 100km (62 miles) east of Thessaloniki, Greece’s second city.

    Experts have not reached a verdict, but for the few hundred inhabitants of modern-day Amfipoli and Mesolakkia, the two villages closest to the burial site, there is no doubt: interred inside the marble-walled tomb unearthed near their homes is none other than Alexander the Great.

    “Only Alexander merits such a monument,” says farmer Antonis Papadopoulos, 61, as he enjoys his morning coffee with fellow villagers in a taverna opposite the Amfipoli archaeological museum. “The magnitude and opulence of this tomb is unique. Common sense says he is the one buried inside.”

    Archaeologists and the Greek ministry of culture warn against such speculation, especially since Alexander the Great is known to have been buried in Egypt.

  5. Limnos Island - North Aegean - Greece

  6. The famous bays of Karpathos Island

    Dodecanese  Islands - Greece

  7. Pieria - Macedonia - Greece

    Pieria - Macedonia - Greece

  8. Port of Thessaloniki - Macedonia - Greece

  9. North Evia - Aegean Sea - Greece

  10. Elikonas Mount - Livadia - Greece